Hi, my name is Paul Brighton and I’m the founder of GreatMindset.com and publisher of Great Mindset Magazine. I am what you could call a self-improvement junkie, as I literally spend close to six figures on self-improvement programs, workshops, and retreats. But I was always very reluctant to try hypnosis because of two main reasons:

1. My initial perception, because of what we see on TV with stage hypnosis

2. I didn’t want to give away control over my mind

So basically lack of information what hypnosis really is about and fear!

However, when I had a health problem so severe that I became desperate for a solution, luck — or we should rather call it destiny — knocked on my door. 

To understand why I am so passionate about giving the opportunity to everyone to tryout self-hypnosis, you need to know that at the end of 2014, I was due for a risky surgical intervention that could paralyze me for the rest of my life.

You see, I had been struggling with the first symptoms of paralyzation of the right part of my upper body because of a herniated disk that was squeezing a nerve in my neck and causing the first symptoms of paralyzation of my right shoulder, arm, hand and fingers. Not to mention the horrible pain. The kind of pain that drives you up the wall, and the kind where you come to a point where you are seriously considering knocking yourself out, just to have a few minutes of relief…

Now, I’m not someone who goes to a doctor easily, let alone to a hospital. I belief the body knows how to heal anything better than any doctor or surgeon does. However, sometimes we get in the way of this natural healing process with our minds, the foods we consume, and the lifestyles we live…

So did I. From being a workaholic, sleeping 4 hours on average per night, being passionate about what I was doing and devouring life at 200 mph, to waving goodbye at the corporate rat race and doing … nothing. This was an amazing change, and surprisingly difficult.

Suddenly, apart of playing golf and laying at my swimming pool, I had nothing really to do, no purpose, no vision, no nothing… I felt worthless. 

But with this feeling also came that I didn’t meditate anymore and also stopped my Qi Gong breathing exercises. So, little by little, I let myself go. And from being healthy and fit, and looking young far beyond my age, I became overweight, out of shape, and going from bad to worse as SUDDENLY I was confronted with a surgical intervention that if the surgeon would miss the incision by less than a millimeter I could potentially get paralyzed for the rest of my life!

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Needless to say that I was not looking forward to being paralyzed for the rest of my life...

Honestly I was scared, but being in constant nagging pain, I had no life anymore and could not continue to live with the horrible pain. So, I prepared myself for the medical intervention, but gave myself a few weeks extra to mentally prepare. And, as often is the case when desperation is at it highest point, a miracle solution seems to come out of nowhere.

Because I couldn’t get my brainwave frequency to a low enough frequency to meditate I went through my library of binaural beats and guided meditation tracks, and within the guided meditation folder I found a hypnotherapy session to find inner peace and improve health and wellness. As mentioned before, I wasn’t so keen on hypnosis, and the word alone made me shiver. However, something inside me pushed me to try it out.

First time I listened, I didn't think much of the recording as the sound quality was poor and it felt more like a guided meditation than a hypnosis script. But what did I know, right? However, after only a few minutes in the recording I felt so relax that I fell asleep. Something I hadn't been able to achieve since weeks!

Nevertheless, I did some research online, and couldn’t belief how many stories of people I could find online that shared their amazing results they got with hypnosis. Therefore, I promised myself that I would commit to a daily listening session of binaural beats, followed up with the hypnotherapy audio. And surprisingly, little by little I started to feel that their was some change.

Then I came across the website of Natural Hypnosis that had a special offer on pain relief. It was a set of five CD’s, and they had a special discount to purchase all five of them for — I think it was — $97. I thought to myself, “What if it helps?” 

The Best $97 I Have Spend In My Entire Life!

After only listening for two weeks — every day another audio for five days, and then repeat the process — I could feel for the first time since a very long time some real relief. And in less than one month I was almost completely pain free, but more than that, the herniated disk was no longer pressing on the nerve too, so I didn’t need to have the operation… 

I discovered that there was actually a lot of experience with pain reduction through hypnosis, as it was often used by Doctors operating in the war zone when they ran out of anesthesia medication. But from pain management to healing a herniated disk is a whole other step. How was that possible?

Strangely enough the herniated disk is now not longer pressing on the nerve. The surgeons don’t understand it, I don’t understand it, but who cares, right? Although I still feel pain once in a while (generally after a bad golf shot), I don’t listen to the audio set anymore because the pain is so subtle that it doesn’t hinder me.

Obviously, you need to take into account that this is my personal experience, and it doesn’t mean that self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy will help for everything and everyone. That’s the reason we wrote the report that you are about to read “Is Self-Hypnosis For You?”

However, after my personal experience I’m now even more convinced than ever to try alternative healing treatments first, and self-hypnosis is now a priority treatment on my list of options. But also, to avoid you to get distracted and forget to read the report, or start overthinking it, I said to myself:

"There are no words to explain what the real potential and power of self-hypnosis is. People need to try it!"

Strangely enough, with all my previous investments you could say that I am a personal development junkie, but it is only recently that I started to use self-hypnosis not only for my health, but as a personal development tool too. And the results have been amazing. So amazing that without a doubt I can say that there is nothing that I know of that is so easy, gives you clear improvement and results so fast than hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis.

Therefore, with my personal discovery of how powerful hypnotherapy can be, and how easy self-hypnosis really is — once you understand it — I thought I have to share my story with anyone who is in pain, or struggling with health or other issues. But, then I thought, it’s not my story that is important, what is important is that people try it.

Trying Self-Hypnosis For Yourself Is The Only Way You'll Know If It's Something For You Or Not!

But first things first:

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